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Amethyst Bar Necklace

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Intuition + Calm + Peace

Our raw cut Amethyst is a gorgeous stone taking on varying hues of light & dark purple with flecks of maroon or rose under natural light. Amethyst has strong spiritual properties by activating the crown chakra at the top of the head allowing us to access higher states of consciousness. Amethyst will increase your intuition, soothe the mind and assist in meditation.
Amethyst is known to create a protective “filter” around the body which will cleanse negative energy and amplify positivity. By wearing our raw cut Amethyst Stalactite necklace, you will be able to calm your mind and tap into your true infinite potential through the power of the universe!
This stone is amazing paired with a heart chakra stone, like Green Fluorite, for a magical power cocktail that will activate both the crown and heart chakras, channeling together universal and physical energies.
Raw cut Amethyst stalactite necklace edged in gold
Origin: Brazil
Chain: 28 inch gold plated brass  (with a 2" extender)
Adjustable: Yes
Closure: Lobster Claw


***Each Crystal Wolf necklace is raw cut and will vary in color, shape and size. Your stone will be unique, magical and beautiful just like you!