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The Rowan Necklace

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Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals in the world, and one that should be in everyone’s collection! Rose Quartz is known at the stone of “love” and a heart chakra opener. Since Rose Quartz holds such a high, loving vibration, it rules all forms of love. Self love, romantic love, love for family and friends, it is all amplified by using this stone in your daily practice. When you are able to ignite all these different avenues of love in your life, you begin to tap into the true source: universal love.
Rose Quartz will aid in deep healing for internal traumas as well. By working through blockages of stress, resentment, anger and pain, you begin to heal your heart. By healing your heart, you are able to provide emotional support to yourself and to others.
When you wear the Rose Quartz pendant, you will feel clear and connected to your heart center. Wearing this necklace through times of grief, turmoil or crisis will also help calm and comfort your mind and body. Rose Quartz will help you come to terms with necessary changes and accept the process of letting go. Channel the loving vibrations and let your heart shine bright!
Polished Rose Quartz with brass chain
Chain: 30 inch burnished copper plating
Adjustable: Yes
Closure: Lobster Claw
Each Crystal Wolf necklace is raw cut and will vary in color, shape and size. Your stone will be unique, magical and beautiful just like you!