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The Rebel Arrowhead Necklace

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Titanium is great for repelling negative energies and absorbing positive, elemental energies. We have used a blue dominant rainbow titanium for our newest necklace, cutting each one in a custom arrowhead shape. An arrowhead is a powerful talisman that will keep you protected from illness, negative energy or enemies and give you courage, protection and strength by wearing it around your neck each day.
Titanium is a lightweight, strong metal that was discovered in the late 1700s. Titanium is one of the most common elements on earth, appearing in a wide array of colors like white, black and rainbow. This metal was named after the powerful, ancient Titans allowing you to channel your connection to your inner strength while you wear it.
Our Blue Titanium arrowhead necklace is perfect for clearing any toxic situations or people from your life. It is also helpful for increasing energy while working through conflict, an illness or other stressful situations. Its rainbow aura will work to realign your chakra system, establishing a feeling of harmony and balance. Blue Titanium is also great for stimulating the throat chakra, which gives you the power to speak your truth and the third eye chakra, which connects you to your intuition.
Hand carved Titanium with brass chain
Chain: 30 inch gold plated
Adjustable: Yes
Closure: Lobster Claw
Each Crystal Wolf necklace is raw cut and will vary in color, shape and size. Your stone will be unique, magical and beautiful just like you!